Ready to have some Serious Fun with Scotch Whisky? 
Introducing the  Certificate in Scotch from the Edinburgh Whisky Academy

Exploring the fascinating world of whisky across four night sessions in person, this fun and accessible SQA-certified online course will enhance your appreciation of all things aqua vitae.


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February 16th, 2023.

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The EWA Certificate in Scotch Whisky consists of eight engaging modules which are designed to give the candidate an independent, in-depth understanding of Scotch Whisky as a category. 

The course was written and developed by Scotch whisky experts with decades of experience in the industry. The candidate will explore the history and business of Scotch as well as the laws governing Scotch whisky, before delving into the intricacies of the entire production process - learning all there is to know from raw materials and fermentation to distilling and bottling the final spirit. 

Upon completion, successful candidates will be able to describe key developments of the industry, both past and present, and give information on the key factors influencing style and quality of the final product. Consequently, they will be in a position to answer customer queries authoritatively, and to make informed selections of whiskies in a variety of situations. 

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