SOMM TV Special Offer

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SOMM TV Special Offer from Statera

Here is a special offer for Statera Students, Alumni, and Friends!

Check out Somm TV for just $25 for the year! (That's Half Price!)
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SOMM TV is a streaming network that offers the best food and wine stories all in one place. Think Netflix, but for food and wine lovers. Our cast is comprised of sommeliers, world-class winemakers and world-renowned wine critics and all have endless stories to tell. We're inviting you to share our passion for wine and expand your knowledge by getting a glimpse into some never-before-seen footage of places you could only dream of visiting.

SOMM TV offers series such as Weekly Wine with Shakera Jones and her wine suggestions for you and Study Hall with Master Sommelier Jill Zimorski, who gives helpful hints for studying for exams and improving your wine knowledge. Or, if you’re looking to dive into historical producers, explore Verticals where insiders open bottles from memorable vintages. 

Wether you are looking for a fun way to help you studies or just delicious entertainment, this a great channel to check out!
SOMM TV special Offer from Statera