Mariko Tajiri

Mariko Tajiri, Nominated Educator - Sake

Mariko Tajiri presently works for That’s life Gourmet wine & food agency based in Toronto.  She has worked with Sake for over 10 years across Canada, talking, teaching and guiding people through the amazing but sometimes intimidating world of Sake.

In 2016, Mariko became a WSET Level 3 Award in Sake, Certified Assessor and Instructor. In Fall 2017, She join forces to teach Sake level 1 & 3 with Statera Academy.

Born in Hokodate Japan and raised in Vancouver, she relocated to in Toronto but fortunately for us on the west coast, she visits Vancouver frequently.

Happily, we now offer Sake courses in both Toronto and Vancouver.  For more information please contact us

She started her Sake career as her grandfather’s sake mule, carrying bottles as big as herself a kid. (She boasts, I am Japanese after all!) During the instructor course in Japan, being the self professed super geek that she is, her favourite part was visiting the National Research Institute of Brewing in Hiroshima and talking to PhDs about esters and different smells in Sake.

She is also proud to say that she’s never done a sake bomb…yet!