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Due to the current global health pandemic WSET has introduced computer-based testing via remote invigilation (also known as remote proctoring or online exam) to enable you to sit your exam. This page contains all the information you need to ensure that you have a good exam experience.
If you have any questions relating to this type of exam, please contact keith@stateraacademy.ca
What is computer-based testing via remote invigilation?
Computer-Based Testing via Remote Invigilation (RI) will enable you to take your exam in an invigilated environment from your home where you will be monitored via webcam, screen sharing technology and a secondary recording device during your exam.
A video showing this in more detail can be found here 
I don’t want to take a Remote Invigilation exam. Can I wait and take a paper-based exam later?
Yes! RI exams have been made available to support students who have been studying during the Covid-19 crisis, so that they don’t have to wait too long for an exam. However, there is no problem if you would prefer to wait until it is possible to attend a paper-based exam. Please contact us at Statera to let us know at registration to make arrangements. We will let you know when paper-based exams are available again.
How is my remotely invigilated exam different from a WSET paper based exam?
The exam questions and the time the exam takes are the same as for a paper-based exam. These can be found in the relevant qualification Specification, which also explains how the exam is marked. What is different is that you will be taking the exam by yourself at home, using a computer, instead of sitting a paper exam with other candidates at an exam venue. 
When is my exam?
The date of the exam is listed on the course information page at registration.
Is the time of my online exam flexible?
No – if you need to change the date or time, please contact Statera as soon as possible. Please note that you may need to pay an additional fee to rebook. 
Is my exam available in other languages?
No, an RI Exam and all corresponding documents are only available in English.
How will I know that I am registered for my remotely invigilated exam?
You will receive three emails from WSET once you have been registered for your exam: Email
1: will be sent one week before the exam and will contain information relating to what devices you need to sit an RI Exam. It will ask you to perform a Systems Check Email
2: will be sent three days before the exam and is a reminder about your forthcoming exam and a reminder to do your Systems Check Email
3: will be sent on the exam day and will include a link to access your exam If you try and access your exam early you will go to a holding page with a countdown timer that will show you how long it is until you can access your exam.
How will I know if my computer is suitable for an RI exam?
You will receive an email from WSET one week before your exam with information on how to perform a system check before your exam. This email will contain information relating to what devices are required for you to sit your RI exam but in brief, you will need: • One device with a webcam and microphone to take your exam on such as a laptop or MacBook • Plus, one device to record you taking the exam: a smart phone or tablet. This secondary device will need to be set up 3m away from where you take the exam and must show you sitting your exam clearly. Please make sure that you perform the systems check no later than 3 days before your exam. The system check will help resolve any potential issues you were likely to experience on the day of your exam. If you do not perform your systems check ahead of your exam and experience system issues on the day of your exam, it may not be possible for you to take your exam as planned. Please make sure that you read the Candidate Quick Guide for more information. You will also be required to download the ProctorExam app onto your secondary device. 
What happens if I experience a problem during my systems check?
There is an online chat function that you will be able to access during your systems check. This chat function will be able to answer any questions you have. The chat function is only available in English. In the unlikely event that it is not possible to resolve your system check email via the chat function. Please contact Statera as soon as possible noting your issue.
Do I need an internet connection to sit the exam?
Yes, you will need an internet connection to sit your exam. Your internet strength will be tested as part of the systems check. You might be able to access other programmes during your exam but doing so is an exam violation and will render your exam attempt void.
What happens if I lose internet connection during an exam?
If you lose your internet connection during the exam, once reconnected you will be able to enter back into the exam by clicking on the link in the exam email. You will be able to resume your exam where you left off – you will not lose any exam time due to the lost connection. If you lose your internet connection your exam will be flagged by the invigilators and reviewed by WSET.
What browser should I use for my exam?
Please set Chrome to your default browser to take your exam. For information on how to do this, please click here. How should I set up my room for my remotely invigilated exam? When you take your RI exam you should be in the room by yourself. The secondary device that you will need to use should be set up 3m away from where you sit the exam and will need to clearly show you taking the exam. Your secondary device should also be plugged in during the exam so please take some time to think about positioning your phone before your exam is due to start to avoid any delays.
If you have any other questions please contact keith@stateraacademy.ca
There will be more details about the online exams will be sent when you are registered for your course.
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